Great Canadian Flood Relief

An online fundraiser for the victims of the floods that have occurred on both coasts of Canada in late 2021.

Airing online as a long format broadcast in 2 parts, Sunday December 19th and Monday December 20th, which people can return to again and again to enjoy the fabulous Canadian music of so many award winning artists who have volunteered their time and talents for a worthy cause.

Your donations will go a long way to help the Canadian Red Cross in their ongoing efforts to reduce the suffering of the families affected.

The Origin Story

It all started innocently enough with a late November phone call Sondra made from Halifax to a client in Vancouver. The client said, “This is terrible what has happened to the flood victims! And It’s on BOTH coasts, too!”

Sondra thought, “Yes, and there should be a fundraiser for the people who have been hit with these floods…” Sondra talks with her husband, Jason, who writes songs with his friend Robert.

Jason thought, “What a fine idea”. and said, “Maybe I will call Robert, he’s done some of this work before”.

Robert got the call and he said, “Sure, let’s do this.” Robert thought, ‘hmmm… We should do this up right… but we’ll need some expertise on the west coast. I know, I’ll call Derek. We’ve done this stuff before….’

Derek said, “Sure, Let’s do this! They need the support.”

And, lo and behold, a Great Canadian Flood Relief extravaganza was born.

The four have been working since that first call to get support from all the fantastic artists, venues, and volunteers to put this together. Video, audio, social media, writers and more. It’s all been a whirlwind since the last day of November, but it’s worth it.

The Original Four

Jason Brown – Professor of Mathematics, Dalhousie University

Jason has been a professor of mathematics at Dalhousie University since 1994 and a musician and songwriter for over 40 years. His groundbreaking research applying mathematics to solve mysteries surrounding the music of the Beatles has garnered worldwide attention, including three articles in Guitar Player Magazine, and many interviews and reviews on media outlets such as CTV, CBC and BBC, the Wall Street Journal, Der Spiegel, Wired, the National Post, the Chronicle Herald and the New York Post. His most recent research, uncovering who likely wrote ‘In My Life’, was featured in the inaugural issue of the Harvard Data Science Review.

Derek Bird – Music and Event Producer, Director, Engineer, Woodturner.

With CBC Radio and Television for many years, Derek has produced and engineered some of Canada and the World’s greatest artists for the finest shows. “I was fortunate to spend 30 years bringing wonderful new and established artists and their music to audiences across Canada.”

His ability to stickhandle the development of a show is second to none. A longtime multiple festival goer and volunteer, since retiring from the public broadcaster, he continues to work with various non-profit projects in his communities, taking on special events, music festivals and masterful personal wood-working projects too.

Robert Campbell – Singer / Songwriter and presenter

Over the years Robert has been a Theatre Director (The ACT Maple Ridge), festival producer (5 years, Maple Ridge Jazz & Blues) and concert presenter for many shows with a huge variety of artists. He has recorded 7 albums with his wife (Campbell+Green) and has toured Europe and Canada many times with this duo and as a sideman for many recording artists. He has played some of the largest Canadian festivals over the years and is proud to support this cause.

Sondra Rutman – Nurse / Legal Nurse Consultant

Sondra is a registered nurse and a legal nurse consultant. Previously, she was president and publisher of a magazine, circulated across Nova Scotia, that provided free parenting advice and information. She has appeared on a number of TV shows on both CTV and Global and has been interviewed both on radio and for print articles in Halifax. Sondra is very active in multiple community capacities.


The Volunteers

Rob. M Crewe – video (NS)

Jimmy Torres – audio/video (NS)

Krista Fewer – Video/Photography/Editing (NS)

Hillary Harris, HH Design – Website Design (NS)

Jenn Ashton – Graphics (BC)

Cherelle Jardine – Socials (BC)

Melisas Nowes – Socials (NS)

Thank you for your support!

With your help we've raised more than $25K* for Canadian Flood Relief. You can still donate, and you can still enjoy the show here...

* Donations made before December 26th, 2021 were matched by the Canadian Government.